The Subnatural and MONTO

The Subnatural and MONTO

Exploring the historical assumptions the hierarchy in which light, air, and greenery are perceived as “good”; while the equally natural dust, dirt, and weeds are unwelcome. Using the ‘Monto’ urban-scape as a lens we investigate what the idea of subnature might mean in terms of food, and why particular foods, texture, and flavours have been marginalised in certain societies. The term “subnature” was coined by architectural theorist David Gissen in 2009 to describe the less desirable aspects of the built environment: puddles, pollution, and pigeons. Subnature explores the historical assumptions behind this mostly unquestioned hierarchy of urban spaces and questions why the environmental “other” should be ignored.

ArtBox invited artist Bridget O’Gorman & chef Clare Anne O’Keefe to collaborate and create a lunch in response to the idea of Subnature and the MONTO region of north Dublin (where the gallery is situated).

Menu by Clare Anne O’Keefe: the-subnatural-and-monto_menu

Meditation by Bridget O’Gorman: montomeditation_bridgetogorman


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