ArtBox Membership


Member’s Programme events:

  • February 4th (4pm): Member’s “First Look” private tour and Curator introduction for OBJECT WARS. NOW BOOKED OUT.
  • April 4th (3pm): Member’s tour and discussion of Fiona Marron’s solo exhibition with exhibition curator Hilary Murray. NOW BOOKING.
  • Member’s evening and performance (May – date to be announced).

Should you wish to become a Member of ArtBox please contact Hilary on

ArtBox Annual Membership, €100: Becoming a Member of ArtBox allows for you to contribute in a significant way to the continued development and programming of local artists. Donations that come through this initiative allow supporters to avail of discounts on limited edition works, as well as a range of exclusive events and talks, whilst supporting the arts in Ireland. ArtBox membership also allows you access our “First-Look” evenings at the gallery prior to the exhibition opening. All donations go directly into the ArtBox programme and the payment of artist fees. ArtBox is a not-for-profit organisation.

Donate Button

Once you become a Member, you will be contacted by the ArtBox team to let you know about what Member’s events are coming up. Thank you for your support!


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