LUNCHBOX celebrates the key roles food and art play in social democracy. Based in MONTO and a member of the MONTO arts group, ArtBox is located on James Joyce Street in north inner city Dublin. Known historically as the red light district, more recently the north inner city has been a product of poor economy, lack of adequate infrastructures and ensuing anti-social behaviour. Recently in Ireland an Irish food-art moment has come about, where food has been used as a way of introducing contemporary arts practice to a wider public.

LUNCHBOX is a creative focus group exploring the nature of food consumption and the democratic voice. “Gastronomic concepts (e.g., taste) were adopted to specify certain classes of value judgements, most notably in aesthetics and philosophy of art”. As such modes of food preparation and consumption form a framework of collective imagination. “Food transmits a situation, [a] sign amongst members of a given society”. A consciously worked out diet, intimates an adaptation of man to the modern world, therefore a representation of contemporary existence is implied in the consciousness we have of the function of our food. Through the Lunchbox initiative we will invite food experts, academics and artists to enter into the portal space feeding into the on-going conversation as we progress. In a similar way to philosophical explorations into art practices, critical reflection upon what and how we eat can contribute to a robust exploration of what it means to be human. Lunchbox is co-curated by Hilary Murray (Director and Curator of ArtBox) and Clare Anne O’Keefe (Chef and food writer).

Ref: Roland Barthes (2008), Towards a Psychosociology of contemporary food consumption.

LunchBox Gastronomy Themes:

The Subnatural and MONTO. ArtBox, October, 2016
Bridget O’Gorman, Clare Anne O’Keefe, Hilary Murray, Oonagh Young

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