Our limited edition works and prints are created by artists that feature in ArtBox exhibitions. Each work has been developed with the exhibition in-mind and many are shown within the exhibitions themselves. Should you require further information, or would like to reserve a work, please contact artboxprojects@gmail.com.

Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske, The Waiting Room Special Edition Box, Edition of 5 ( 20x20cm) prints. €700.


Also: Ella Bertilsson and Ella Juske, The Waiting Room single edition (Ed. 10), print. 35X23cm  €180.




Conor Mary Foy, “Triumph Club Theme”, Archival print on Photorag paper, edition of 7. €180.

Conor Mary Foy- Triumph Club Theme

Ali Kirby, PROCESS Residency, 2017. Edition of 20, print on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag. €300 (unframed).


Adam Gibney, Cross-Section 9: Just Here (2016), Edition of 10 (€200 unframed, €250 framed). Created on the occasion of Euclid, I miss you…


Fiona Marron, “Coaxial”, 2016. Dibond print, 300mm x 200mm. €300 each. Edition of 10.

FM Artbox Press Image

Janine Davidson “Out of Shot” series (2015), €450 each (unique), from The Anti-Room.

For The Anti-Room, artist Janine Davidson has created a series of prints in collaboration with the archive at Belfast Exposed. Detailing the civic infrastructure of Belfast in the 1970s, as seen through archival images, Davidson has revisited these sites today. For more information, or to reserve a work, please contact Hilary on artboxprojects@gmail.com.

From Richard Forrest, PROCESS residency:

Richard Forrest, Edition of 5, 10 x 10 x 10cm (sphere). Plaster, rubber and hydrographic print. €500 each.



From (It’s kind of like) telephone, part of PhotoIreland 2015.

Editions by Una Spain, Kate Nolan, Mandy O’Neill, Dragana Jurisic, Amy Stevens, E. Brady Robinson, Miriam O’Connor and Ethna O’Regan.



From “100 Muses” by Dragana Jurisic

Nine Muse Editions: “Ourania”, “Calliope”, “Erato”, “Thalia”, “Clio”, “Melpomene”, “Polyhymnia”, “Euterpe”, “Terpsichore”. €250 per print (€320 framed). Each edition of 25. All (2015), DIM: 20x23cm.

From Intelligent Machinery, Farmleigh Gallery:

Niamh O’Doherty, “First light” (film still),  9 x 11 cm, archival pigment print, Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 308 gsm. Edition of 25. €300 (framed). Signed by the artist (exhibition size).


Sofie Loscher, “Spectrum”(2015), size: 20 x 15 cm, edition of 25. €250 each (€300 framed). Signed by the artist.


Jonathan Mayhew, ‘accepting loneliness’ (2015)  size: 21 x 29.7 cm  (a4), edition of 26 (lettered A-Z). €200 each (€250 framed).


Jonathan Mayhew, ‘My head is in my hands’, pigment print on archival paper, 50.5 x 35cm, set of 5 prints, (edition of 3), (2015).

Price: €3500 for a full set of 5, €700 per print (framing included).


tp10 (2)





Ella de Búrca, GOBO


Gobo Cops, Fiber based black and white print , 60 x 90 cm. €200, (€250, framed) ed. 10.


Gobo Moto Taxi Driver, Fiber based black and white print, 60 x 40 cm. Ed. 10.

Should you wish to reserve an edition, please contact Hilary at artboxprojects@gmail.com.

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