The Waiting Room

Ella Bertilsson & Ulla Juske

Exhibition Dates: April 27th-May 20th

The Waiting Room is a narrative driven audio-installation that challenges our perception of time. Waiting rooms are liminal, transitional places. A place where you wait to go somewhere else, impersonal and quickly forgotten. Waiting rooms are often functional spaces where the visitor has little control on how much time the wait will last. Here Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske’s waiting room at ArtBox creates a zone of attention; emphasising and acknowledging the subjective experience of time passing. Keeping track of time, on time, time to come, wasting time, killing time, time on our hands, times up, time is running out, as the time goes by, watched pot never boils, loosing track of time, expecting something to happen…

Part of the installation is a selection from Austin Hearne’s latest collection ‘Little Flowers’. Sexy, beautiful, ugly, dead, dying, everywhere. Flowers; symbols of life, love and death, memorials to those past and passing. We are all flowers, battling time, only we have infinitely more than our showy friends. They remind us of our vibrancy, our individuality, our autonomy and cruelly our end. The installation will also be kept company by an essay of sorts by CSO Keeffe, who was invited by the artists to face up to the fact of her and your impermanence.

A Waiting Room Special Edition work (Ed. 5) by Ella Bertillsson and Ulla Juske containing a set of 5 20×20 cm prints, as well as a single larger edition print 23x35cm, (Ed. 10) are available to purchase through the gallery.

The artists would like to thank the following:
The University of Iceland
Uppsala University
Stockholm University
STAR, Stockholm Amateur Astronomers
Amateur Astronomy Society of Seltjarnarness
Estonian Embassy
Paul Plunkett
Davey Moor
George Brennan
Richard Howard
Annika Edlund
Lena Kjersén Edman

This exhibition is kindly supported by the OPW and The Estonian Embassy.


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