Adam Gibney: Euclid, I miss you..

Adam Gibney: Euclid, I miss you..

June 10th-July 2nd. Preview, June 9th

“But this map of what surrounds the present, like all maps, is only a surface; its features are but abstract signs and symbols of things that in themselves are concrete bits of sensible experience.” (1)

 Symbolic descriptions of reality, even the axiomatic, have proven to be only temporary and tentative. The line, a breadthless length(2), now protrudes into the platonic. The solid formal structures that held truth now exist precariously within the newfound multitudes of reality. The rigorous quest for certainty seems to only expand the terrain of uncertainty. Here and there, an arbitrary line connects points, which have no part (3), here.

Adam Gibney is a Dublin based artist who graduated from IADT in 2010. He was the recipient of the IMOCA Graduate Award, the Aileen MacKeogh Award and the Siamsa Tíre Emerging Artist Award. His solo exhibitions include Limbo-Excavated (2011),RE:definition (2012) and Exercises of an Audionaut (2014). Most recently his work was exhibited as part of the RHA’s Futures Anthology

In June 2016 Adam will present Euclid, I miss you, a solo exhibition in ArtBox Dublin. Other upcoming events include Deep Inside (Moscow Biennale of Young Art) and Activating Pangea (CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles).

This exhibition is kindly supported by Fingal County Council


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